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Power Green Spirulina

Maximum Strength Clarifying knuckle Cream

Maximum Strength Clarifying knuckle Cream

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 "Formulated to repair damaged skin on the hands and reduce dark knuckles for a smoother, brighter appearance.

Warning: This product is of maximum strength and is NOT SUITABLE FOR USE ON THE FACE. Please exercise caution and follow the instructions carefully.

 Remember the following instructions for treating dark knuckles:

Apply and rub the treatment on your dark knuckles at night. If you want to apply it during the day, please avoid sun exposure. If you need to go outside, make sure to wash off the knuckle treatment before heading out in the sun. Additionally, remember to apply a good moisturizer whenever your hands feel dry, as dry hands can cause the knuckles to darken.

(We suggest using our hand moisturizer, which deeply penetrates the skin to provide optimal moisture and protection.)

 Apply the Dark Knuckle Treatment every day. If you wash your hands, reapply the Knuckle Treatment. Avoid sunlight! Use a natural, chemical-free moisturizer when hands are dry.

 During the treatment, it's important to note that the skin may naturally peel and shed off. Please refrain from peeling the skin yourself. You can use an exfoliating scrub in the shower to help remove the peeling skin.

 No burning, no pain! Avoid over-washing your hands or using harsh soaps or cheap lotions while using this product. Doing so may cause more dryness and darken stubborn hands and knuckles.

 We incorporate natural ingredients like arbutin, licorice, kojic acid, glutathione, papaya extract, and other potent fruit acids known for effectively lightening tough skin layers. By following our instructions, you will definitely notice results!

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Jessica B.

Please never stop making this product. I had burn marks on my hands and legs for years and I went to dermatologist to try to clear it up and nothing worked! I mean I tried everything you can imagine with no success, when I googled and found power green spirulina, I ordered they're Maximum strength knuckle cream and their papaya brightener for my legs and man, it worked. I am literally crying tears of joy writing this review. THANK YOU! I really appreciate the products, you found a lifetime customer and that's for sure!!!