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INSTRUCTIONS: Wash sponge before using, squeeze out water, apply soap, or face wash on the sponge, and rub on the face using a gentle circular motion. Rinse face and wash sponge and hang to dry.


Please Note, the sponge will shrink after every wash and will expand back to normal size when you wet it.


Suitable For All Skin Types

Vegan Exfoliating Sponge

SKU: 0002
  • Deep clean and exfoliate your skin with our Vegan Exfoliating Sponge; Made to give you flawless skin.

    Gently Exfoliates, Deep Clean, Removes Dry Flaking Skin, Helps Repair Damage Skin, Rejuvenates Skin, Remove Imperfections, Naturally Sustainable, Environmental Eco-friendly


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